Linx 12x64 problems

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Linx 12x64 problems

A tablet large enough for a little fun and cheap enough to be a second laptop, this won't set the world on fire — but it doesn't intend to. The Linx 12 x64 is an excellent budget Windows tablet that has proved to be an excellent alternative to Microsoft's more expensive Surface Pro, especially as prices have continued to drop for the handy little tablet.

That makes it an even better bargain than ever, and the Linx 12 x64 boasts a super-thin design, keyboard cover, a full HD screen, and is nearly as good to have around as its inspiration at less than half the price. The Surface Pro has attracted its fair share of cut-price competitors — Asus' Transformer Mini range, for example, does brilliant things on a budget, and there are Chinese Surface clones like the Chuwi Hi13 that, while trickier to obtain, deserve attention for their achievements.

While we've not been able to determine the exact lineage of this specific hardware package, Linx is a badge attached to UK tech distributor Exertis, and as such this device seems to be available in the UK only, through supermarkets, Argos, and Amazon. In a machine this cheap, you'd expect a few corners to be cut.

Accordingly, the case is far from the best. The keyboard cover doesn't fare much better, backed as it is by a horrible pseudo-leather material that collects dents and dings if you so much as look at it, and the whole thing lacks the stiffness we'd expect from something you're supposed to type on. It also doesn't fit perfectly, frequently leaving a dust-sucking millimetre gap between it and the screen when closed. For all our cursing, though, these are light niggles. It certainly doesn't feel cheap if you're not microscopically inspecting it; at 2lb, or more with the keyboard cover attached, its heft gives it a premium edge, maybe even enough to fool unsuspecting friends into thinking this is a machine twice its price.

Current page: Price and design. Home Reviews. Our Verdict A tablet large enough for a little fun and cheap enough to be a second laptop, this won't set the world on fire — but it doesn't intend to.

Against Languid performance Iffy construction. Price and design Performance, features and verdict. So how does the Linx 12 x64 fare? Read on to find out.Discus and support Linx 12x64 5 pin keyboard malfunction in Microsoft Windows 10 Store to solve the problem; Hi everyone I bought the Linx 12x64 Discussion in ' Microsoft Windows 10 Store ' started by Jorge.

Windows 10 Forums. Windows Linx 12x64 5 pin keyboard malfunction Discus and support Linx 12x64 5 pin keyboard malfunction in Microsoft Windows 10 Store to solve the problem; Hi everyone I bought the Linx 12x64 Linx 12x64 5 pin keyboard malfunction.

Rhys Win User.

Linx 12X64 running windows 10

Rhys, Dec 11, Linx 12x64 random keyboard movements Hello, I have just bought a Linx 12x64 tablet running Windows Most things are fine, however I am experiencing one seriously frustrating issue. The touch-pad is the main culprit, it decides when to zoom in or out, I cannot use the touch-pad to navigate excel sheets without the whole screen being dragged around and shrunk to half screen size, my desktop home page has zoomed to such an extent I can see maybe 10 icons they are that large.

The keypad is not as bad, but I seem to make a huge number of spelling mistakes when using it, and bare in mind I've been typing using keyboards since teletypewriters in the early years - I'm not as bad as this keyboard makes out. Any ideas? I will try and raise with Linx, but am seriously thinking of returning this item and going back to a bulky laptop - they appear to be a lot more robust than this tablet.

In the categories which one has to fill in I selected Windows 10 in the absence of a more suitable category. This may well be totally incorrect and the issue be with the tablet itself. Linx 12x64 5 pin keyboard malfunction Linx 12x64 random keyboard movements I'm also having similar issues with my Linx 12x64 tablet. I like the concept of the tablet and the price is brilliant, but these issues are driving me mad, I too am thinking of reverting back to lugging a laptop around again.

As an IT professional I need something that is portable, reliable, works and I can recommend to my clients if asked.

linx 12x64 problems

You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Thema: Linx 12x64 5 pin keyboard malfunction. Linx 12x64 5 pin keyboard malfunction - Similar Threads - Linx 12x64 pin. Linx terrible keyboard : I have a Linx 12x The provided keyboard and on tablet keyboard are terrible. Some letters do not come out unless you press real hard.

Linx 12 x64 review

It cant even keep up with my old man typing. I have had it about 18 months and its never been great but is now in effect useless. It seems Keyboard malfunction : my keyboard is malfunctioning. Every time I type "a" or "s" both appear as "sa".

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Im currently using auto correct to type this message. Any advice on what can be done to resolve this problem? Example; I need to hesad to the gsasa satsation to refuel my csar Linx 12X64 : Hello All I purchased this device with Windows 10 Home, as all my other devices have Windows 10 Professional and I would like to upgrade this device to the same, will it be possible to do so?

Thanks George Keyboard malfunction?On top of this, it benefits from a full-size USB 3. The tablet is well built, boasting a solid metal frame and glass front covered by a factory-fitted screen protector thank you Linx! The bundled keyboard has a material feel to it, similar to that of the Surface Pro. On the back is a dual-position kickstand below an unapologetic Linx logo.

£199 Sainsbury's Linx 12v64 Windows 10 2in1 Tablet: Unboxing (London UK)

Unlike the several-hundred pound more expensive Surface Pro, the kickstand is limited to two pre-set positions which I found to be fine in a lot of circumstances, but also entirely impractical in others. Unlike the Surface, the hinges on the Linx are full of thick, immensely sticky gunk, presumably for lubrication. Above the kickstand is one of two cameras, this back one pictured is 5MP while the front sensor is 2MP.

On top of the tablet to the left are the power and volume keys which have a premium feel to them. The tablet has stereo speakers situated on either side towards the bottom, and pogo pins on the base for the supplied keyboard. A trend borrowed from many tablets on the market in recent times is the use of a MicroUSB port for charging; unlike the Surface Pro or MacBook until recently with their dedicated proprietary charging ports and cables, the Linx can be charged via any reasonably powerful USB charger, of which naturally one is supplied!

Where it falls short, however, is the horrendous light bleed as pictured. In addition on my unit there are a couple of areas around the display where the backlight shines through without obstruction — a defect, according to Linx, where the tablet may have been bumped in transit.

It attaches to the Linx with strong magnets and can be used either flat or at a slightly raised angle, similar to that of the Surface. As mentioned already the keys are well spaced and the touchpad is a decent size. Using it however is not quite as pleasant. I find the keys will occasionally stick causing repeated characters in text — possibly one of the most annoying things a keyboard can do for someone who types quite quickly.

linx 12x64 problems

In addition and possibly related, the keyboard is mounted to the tablet in the same ergonomic, angled fashion as on the Surface Pro, though unlike the Surface it succumbs far more to flex during use. Worse still however is the touchpad. I asked if a similar would be developed for the 12V however that also is not on their roadmap.

Ultimately I chose to put the supplied keyboard aside and opted for one of my many bluetooth keyboards with touchpad instead.Two-in-one laptops are perpetually growing in number but the devices that attract most of the attention tend to be pretty darned pricey. Not the Linx 12X64 — a 2-in-1 laptop that has a bundled detachable keyboard, a It features the same processor, but has a smaller Image 2 of Just up the price scale is the Microsoft Surface 3another 2-in-1 but with a slightly faster Intel Atom processor, a Take away the 2-in-1 design and your choices widen considerably.

One alternative would be the HP Stream The It has an Intel Celeron processor and a p display. I do, however, like the kickstand, which is made out of aluminium.

With it folded away, you can lay it completely flat, too. Image 3 of This connects to the main body of the tablet with a magnetic strip located at the bottom of the tablet and it feels very comfortable to type on.

The power button and volume rocker are at the top. And two sideways-firing speakers are found near the bottom of the tablet. In comparison to other budget 2-in-1 laptops, the speakers are above-par. Image 6 of For wireless connectivity, the laptop has dual-band Wi-Fi The laptop comes with a With a respectable contrast ratio of 1, the laptop is able to achieve an impressively low black level of 0.

Put into perspective, the HP Stream 11 struggles to compete with a contrast ratio of only Image 5 of Colours do lack potency, though, and the Linx only covers By comparison, the Surface 3 is flawless at a measured Colour accuracy is rather poor, too, with an average Delta E of 4. Unsurprisingly, it has a low-power 1. Average frame rates of I also put it through its paces in the Expert Reviews 4K media-based benchmarks.

Battery life was slightly underwhelming at 7hrs 10mins in our battery rundown test. By comparison, the Asus Transformer Mini achieved 11hrs 19mins. Image 4 of If you can afford a little more, though, the Asus Transformer Mini is the superior choice with better battery life and a more attractive design.

Sign up for our daily newsletter Newsletter. Image 1 of Our Rating. Price when reviewed. Linx 12X64 - We use cookies to allow us and selected partners to improve your experience and our advertising.

By continuing to browse you consent to our use of cookies. You can understand more and change your cookies preferences here. If you're looking for an affordable Windows tablet, this Linx model might be on your radar. As the first Linx device we've tested, does the 12x64 set the bar high for the affordable computing brand? Our review reveals all. Our Test Labs compare features and prices on a range of products.

linx 12x64 problems

Try Which? You'll instantly be able to compare our test scores, so you can make sure you don't get stuck with a Don't Buy.

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The best tablets ofincluding the top Apple iPads alternatives from Samsung and Microsoft based on Which? A good tablet needn't cost the earth, and Which? Based on years of independent lab testing, Which? Coronavirus Read our latest advice. Key features Reviewed May Included in our expert review. General Processor speed GHz 1. Ram 4GB.

linx 12x64 problems

Claimed internal storage capacity 64GB. Usable internal storage capacity Laptop Outlet is introducing you a superb budget alternative — the Linx 12X64!

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The affordable Windows tablet features an ultra-thin design, a detachable keyboard and a full HD multi-touch display — exactly like many other more expensive 2-in-1 laptops — except the price tag! Continue to read on to find out more about the Linx 12X The laptop has an incredibly low black level of 0.

Despite the simple hard plastic shell, the sleek aluminium kickstand is infinitely adjustable so you can easily pop the up the laptop on a desk or lay it flat simply by folding the kickstand away. The keyboard is attached to the bottom of the tablet with a magnetic strip, making the keyboard extra-comfortable to type on. The Linx 12X64 is even easier to navigate with an accurate trackpad built-in under the spacebar.

The Linx 12X64 comes with fairly reasonable performance as an inexpensive alternative of the Surface Pro. Equipped with a 1. It is definitely adequate to help you with your heavy workload at university or at work.

The laptop is able to run for more than 7 hours before it runs out of battery. Its USB-chargeable feature makes it a great travel companion too — simply connect it to your external devices. Get your hands on the Linx 12X64 here at Laptop Outlet today. The Linx 12X64 not the one for you? Not to worry, check out our selection of convertible laptops. For more updates on latest releases, top picks, helpful reviews and other tech news- visit our Laptop Outlet blog.

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Lenovo V Review. Google Pixel 4A Review. Home Reviews Linx 12X64 Review. Laptop Outlet We are dedicated to bring to you everything latest about technology and how it shapes the way we live. You may also like.Once powered on, though, the reality of the Linx's internals bites, and it bites hard. It was more than happy to serve up p video in all the formats we tried, and coped just fine with in-home streaming from Steam, but mundane tasks like web browsing dragged.

Perhaps it's the eMMC storage, which has limited capacity and has to act as something of a bottleneck. Maybe it's an as-yet unresolved driver issue, or underclocked components in order to prevent overheating in the super-thin case.

Whatever the reason, this isn't the super-slick experience of a Surface tablet. Credit where it's due, though: the Linx 12X64 makes the absolute most of its 9, mAh battery. This is not a tablet that's built for benchmarks, at least on the high end. PCMark and our movie test showed where it shines, though. Those low-power components mean this thing keeps going and going, nearing seven hours of simulated desktop use, and easily powering through a couple of movies on a long journey.

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The fact that it's USB-chargeable is a massive advantage when travelling, too — even if you can't find an AC outlet, an external battery bank will suffice. As a big, portable media device with the versatility of Windows 10 on board, this is a great choice. It's cheap, thin, has a wonderful screen, and decent battery life. Actually using the Linx 12X64 is often a chore. It's sluggish and obviously under-powered.

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Its construction, while decent, is a little wonky. Surface Pro this ain't. At times we found ourselves amazed by what the Linx 12X64 could do. At others, we questioned why it couldn't do just a little bit more.

Performance isn't quite up to scratch but if you're spending this little, a small speed sacrifice probably won't be much of an issue. Current page: Performance, features and verdict. Home Reviews.

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Price and design Performance, features and verdict.


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